Matrix? No, thanks.

keeps growing. Even the French government decided to use it. However, many Free Software activists refuse to use it.

What would you think if you discovered that a new messaging software claiming to be decentralized is sending lots of your private data and metadata to their central servers despite you installed your own instance?

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@juansantiago @hortelando No uso Matrix, pero muchas gracias por la información.

Parece que en el mundo del Software Libre también caemos en la tentación de usar la última novedad cuando ya existen alternativas probadas y fiables.

@juansantiago [In 2019] “the Matrix developers published some “privacy improvements” [13] addressing some of the revealed problems. We have not read it.” 🤣

@tastytea @juansantiago the classic « analysis ». It’s author did it in bad faith due to a personal conflict with the matrix project.

@juansantiago nope, free software activists don't refuse it;

not everyone falls for FUD

I would try an experiment, block the IP's of the central servers in your router and see what functionality breaks.


Have you studied and ?

Obviously when it comes to objectivity, you'll need more perspectives than just one guy (and a bunch of essentially the same opinions based on his theory). And the exact pinpointing of the source code which matters actually. That's much more balanced and reasonable view I guess.

> We have not read it. We do not think it is worth wasting more time.

I doubt this is.

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