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Last month Gab was hacked. I examined the ~65gb of the hacked data. Here's a broad overview of what I found.

Inside Gab, the Online Safe Space for Far-Right Extremists theintercept.com/2021/03/15/ga

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@cryptocoin and #Monero will establish that a open source, private, fungible, and censorship resistant monetary protocol is even better. 👍

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RT @Suheb__@Twitter.com

Linux established that open source software can be better than centralized corporate solutions.

#Bitcoin :bitcoin: will establish that an open source monetary protocol is better than centrally managed money.


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Yesenia Zamudio, madre de María Jaime Zamudio asesinada: "Tengo todo el derecho a quemar y a romper. No le voy a pedir permiso a nadie, porque yo estoy rompiendo por mi hija. Y la que quiera romper que rompa, y la que quiera quemar que queme, y la que no, que no nos estorbe".

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A veces deberíamos decirles a otras pesonas:
si vas a dar permiso a tus contactos a cualquier app que encuentras, por favor bórrame de tus contactos.
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I put identical polls out yesterday here and on my Twitter account:
- Mastodon 200 followers: 56 votes
- Twitter 2,000 followers: 2 votes

This is consistent with my general impression about these two platforms:

Twitter is mostly web 1.0 consumption, Mastodon is web 2.0 social.

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Nigeria's central #bank tells the country's financial institutions to close accounts tied to #crypto exchanges

Good way to keep your nation in the stone age...

#bitcoin #finance #freedom #tyranny #news

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RT @Hodlonaut
The storm of the ages is brewing. And @elonmusk is sending clueless people to the doge clown-raft instead of the Bitcoin lifeboat because he thinks it's a funny meme. While institutions get the cheap sats.
Not cool. Love Elon, but this is fucking stupid.

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"Patear a un fascista fue lo mejor que hice en toda mi carrera".

Quisiera aprovechar para condenar toda violencia y también y muy especialmente para enviar un caluroso abrazo antifascista a Eric Cantona.

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Todos los medios de comunicación hablando de Streamers/Youtubers que se van a otro país a vivir para dejar de pagar impuestos aquí. Cuando lo hacen las multinacionales constantemente aquí no abre el hocico nadie. Mucho postureo veo yo y ganas de hablar de cosas que importan un pepino a la gente.

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WhatsApp is now sharing data with Facebook with their updated privacy policy.


You built your social network around #WhatsApp and now they are putting a gun on your head and asking you to agree to the new terms or leave.

To be really in control, we have to use #federated services (#Email, mobile networks, #mastodon are all federated) so no single entity can force us to agree to terms we don't like.

I recommend #matrix and #Quicksy for those who don't agree.

Mi primer toot: Vine buscando el cryptotwitter y no lo he encontrado. De momento me quedo porque parece un lugar tranquilo.

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